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Training and team development consultant, Yolanda Dye is on a mission to help business owners increase their employee engagement and team building strategies so that they can reduce employee turnover, increase profits and create more balance in their personal and business life.

Facilitator and workshop leader in the tourism and hospitality industry, she has worked for both urban and ski destination locations in the hotel, food and beverage and gaming sectors.  She currently owns and assists her husband in the daily operations of a 95+ seat Kitchen & Taproom, located in Sun Peaks Resort, BC.

With over 15 years of growth, leadership and managerial skills, she brings an energetic presence to her workshops and seminars to inspire her audience to create intentional forward momentum in their businesses to generate more revenue and reduce turnover.

  • (Yolanda) kept the group fully engaged the whole time.

    Katherine H.

    Kamloops, BC
  • A real amazing speaker, so wonderful and talked to everyone.

    R. Rai

    Kamloops, BC
  • “I loved your presentation!  Very knowledgeable about the topic and was relatable.

    Soonhong K.

    Kamloops, BC
  • I feel more confident about Conflict Resolution and how to handle conflict with guests and how important teamwork is!

    K. Cheruikova

    Kamloops, BC


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